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This is a manual technique to relax the vertebrae and its joints. This method achieves a gentle redirection of shifted vertebrae, which is painless and safe.

The Dorn Therapy includes the meridian system of Chinese Medicine TCM and is therefore a great supplement.

The nerves emerging from the vertebrae supply the corresponding area of the body, which also includes the organs. Consequently, the Dorn Therapy can also be used for painless complaints and the blockades can be dissolved.

Fine lateral pressure on the spinous processes of the spinal column and their transverse processes can dissolve shifts and blockages.

The length of the leg or its displacement is also examined and corrected if necessary. 

In addition to Acupuncture or Tuina, Dorn can also be used successfully for treating

headache or migraine, back pain, digestive problems, nerve pain, shoulder and neck pain, and much more.

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