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Laser acupuncture treatment is performed according to the philosophy of Chinese medicine and is similar to classical needle acupuncture, but without needles and puncture. Instead of needles, lasers are used to produce the desired treatment effect.


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What are the advantages of Laser Acupuncture? Among others:

  • Reduces the use of analgesics

  • Avoids more aggressive therapy options

  • Delivers energy to even deep tissues by utilizing different wavelengths

  • Has no known side effects

  • Is painless and non-invasive

LASERNEEDLE is based on the HDP principle (high power density). It assures that the amount of laser light that reaches the target tissue is sufficient to cross the threshold level, which is required for evoking the therapeutic response. The LASERNEEDLE system allows precise localized laser treatment. Since the cross section of the light aperture of a laser needle corresponds approximately to the width of a joint cleft, joints can be very efficiently treated using LASERNEEDLE (as most of the irradiation reaches the target tissue with minimum loses to the surroundings). 

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