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Born and raised in Muntelier, near Bern


With much enthusiasm and passion loving to be on journeys in search of the known and unknown.

Sports enthusiasts and interested in culture

2023 Specialized Examination 'Naturopath with Federal Diploma in Chinese Medicine'

Since 2009 self-employed in practice of 'Naturopathy with Acupuncture'

Member of TCM Professional Association, SBO-TCM Professional Association, BSG-TCM Basel Society for TCM

2009 ASCA, EMR, Visana; accredited by the health insurance for alternative medicine

2007 Cantonal examinations and approval in BS/BL

4 years of full-time study at the Academy of Naturopathy Basel (ANHK), with specialization in TCM – traditional Chinese medicine

Trained in Basel, Switzerland and Hanoi, Vietnam

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