• Mycotherapy - Workshop, Extensions stage: Thomas Falzone

  • ASCA - Nutritional science

  • Acupuncture Treatment Of Sports Injuries and Pain: Lower Back and Hip: Whitfield Reaves

  • Mycotherapy - basic seminar: Thomas Falzone, Dr. Heinz Knopf


  • ASA TCM Congress: Trauma of Soul and Body, Integrative Medicine with TCM

  • Internal courses from VSP (Association for social psychiatrie): Psychiatric clinical patterns

  • Master Class Courses: Acupuncture Sports Medicine Seminar, Upper Extremities: Whitfield Reaves


  • Mobilisation and examination techniques of the joints and spine: Rolf Leuenberger

  • Lumbar spine syndrome: treatment of the spine, main focus lumbar spine, lower extremities: Ulf Pape



  • Master Class Seminar: Acupuncture Sports Medicine Seminar, Lower Extremities: Whitfield Reaves, Chad Bong

  • Lecture on collaboration of oncological therapies with complementary medicine, University Hospital Basel, Tumor Centre: Prof. Christoph Rochlitz, Prof. Walter P. Weber

  • Kinesiotaping refresher: Dr. Kenzo Kase



  • Diagnostic in acupuncture: Dr. Radha Thambirajah

  • Coaching in the practice: Monika Lanz

  • Atlas Therapy: Sven Koch

  • Lasertherapy, RAC and Nogier: Ear-acupuncture: Dr. med. Sandi Suwanda



  • Spinal therapy according to Dorn; Sven Koch

  • Dynamic spinal therapy; Marco Rüegg


  • Original Kinesio Taping® KT 3 in sports medicine and in everyday life, according to Dr. Kenzo Kase; Joris Pfeiffer

  • Systemic thinking and acting I – Observed systems, basic seminar for Systemic Therapy; Dr. phil. Hans Lieb

  • Original Kinesio Taping® KT 1 and 2 in sports medicine and in everyday life, according to Dr. Kenzo Kase; Joris Pfeiffer

  • Laserneedle Seminar II : sport and pain management; Dr. Alexander Meyer



  • Pain management from the perspective of naturopathy and psychotherapy; Dr. Hans P. Ogal and Dr. Ilse-maria Fahrnow

  • Tuina Refresher; Rolf Rothe

  • Laserneedle Seminar I : sport and pain management; Dr. Alexander Meyer

  • Trigger point therapy: mechanisms and treatment; Dr. Michael Koch



  • Tuina – education and training / Chinese Massage; Rolf Rothe



  • Craniosacral – treatment 1 / introductory course; Daniel Agustoni



  • Laser and Electrotherapy; Dr. Bertram Disselhoff, Brigitte Ohligschläger, Grita Petersen-Jung

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