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2010 – Present

Naturheilpraxis mit TCM / Akupunktur / Naturopathic practice in Basel city, BS

2012 – 2021

Part-time naturopathic/Chinese medicine support in a residence and crises station for people with addiction problems and crises VSP, Frenkendorf BL

2013 – 2016

Complementary medical care of individual football/soccer players



Summer/Autumn: complementary medical care of the FC Nordstern with acupuncture and tuina, Basel



Founding of the community practice ‘Naturheilpraxis für Chinesische Medizin’ in Breitenbach SO

June ’09 / ’10 NADA-protocol- National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, in Münchenstein, Basel



Aug. – Sept.: Internship at the Hospital for Traditional Medicine WHO in Hanoi, Vietnam



Aug. – Oct.: Internship training part-time during studying in the general practice of Dr. Lorenz Kober in Arlesheim, Basel BL

2007 – 2008 Acupuncture training and internship during education, in the training centre and school’s own teaching practice and therapy centre ‘Eulerhof’, Basel BS



Sept. – Nov.: Insight into an outpatient HIV-clinic in Harare, Zimbabwe; led by Prof. Dr. Ruedi Lüthy, Swiss Aids Care International

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